Our Patients

Stories of the lives changed by your generosity
One Saturday afternoon a forty-three- year-old woman came to the clinic with her husband asking for help with a mammogram. She did not have health insurance or a doctor. She had noticed a lump in one of her breasts. They were afraid that it might be breast cancer and knew that she needed to get it checked right away.

A friend of her Aunt’s told her about the clinic. On the day they came all of the doctor slots were already taken up. The Clinic Director took the woman into an examining room to speak with her. The woman was very scared and crying. Our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner agreed to see her and was given a referral for a diagnostic mammogram and breast ultrasound provided by our grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The results revealed invasive ductal carcinoma with lymphatic invasion. When the woman came back for her results she was stoic. She accepted her diagnosis and had faith that all would be all right. She was referred to Texas Tech Breast Care Clinic and qualified for their BCCS program.

She completed her Chemotherapy in May and was re-evaluated by the oncologist. It was determined that she needed additional chemotherapy and will be completed in September. She is doing very well and is very grateful for the help she received.


Mrs. J.M. had not had a pap smear for several years and had the opportunity to sign up for the free Pap smear at the clinic. Unfortunately, her result did find High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion and it was positive for HPV. The gynecologist immediately referred her for a colposcopy which thankfully we were able to help her with funding from the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation. An appointment was scheduled at Texas Tech Colposcopy Clinic and unfortunately, the colposcopy confirmed squamous cell carcinoma. She was able to qualify for financial help at Texas tech and was referred to oncology.

She has completed 40 days of radiation treatment and is doing well. She has a quiet spirit and a very positive attitude. She says that if it had not been for the clinic, she may not have been diagnosed in time. She is so grateful and she wants to share her testimony with other patients.


Mrs. J.M.

One day the Director received a call from a woman who had heard about the clinic. She was inquiring about our services because she came across a woman with a large goiter who was selling jewelry on the streets. She asked if the clinic could help this woman. The Director recalled seeing the same women a few months back and had wondered if she was receiving care. We asked the women to give her the clinic number and give us a call.

She called in a matter of minutes. We talked and had mentioned that we had messaged our volunteer endocrinologist if he could help on Saturday but had not heard back. We asked her to come in anyway to be seen. Well, that Friday night our Endocrinologist called and said he could help us. She was his first patient. He saw her and noticed that this very large goiter was putting pressure on her airway and main carotid artery. The doctor made some calls and arranged for her to be seen immediately at Texas Tech.

With the help from a private donor, the patient was able to undergo surgery to remove the goiter. We are happy to say that the surgery was a success and the patient is doing remarkably well.


Thanks to people like you, the El Paso Baptist Clinic continues to provide care.